Small paper poppies by Mio Gallery surrounding Sephora's luxurious products in an enchanting visual. The lifelike blooms add sophistication and charm to the campaign's aesthetics, creating a captivating and ethereal ambiance. Discover the artistry of this exclusive collaboration, where creativity meets luxury in a mesmerizing display.

A stunning display of Mio Gallery's handcrafted paper poppies, adding a touch of elegance to Sephora's luxurious products.

Delicate paper poppies accentuating the beauty of Sephora's finest offerings, crafted by the skilled hands of Mio Gallery.Délicats coquelicots en papier mettant en valeur la beauté des meilleurs produits de Sephora, confectionnés par les mains expertes de Mio Gallery.Une superbe mise en scène des coquelicots en papier artisanaux de Mio Gallery, ajoutant une touche d'élégance aux produits luxueux de Sephora.Un chef-d'œuvre floral : la campagne de Sephora ornée de coquelicots en papier, démontrant l'harmonie parfaite entre l'art et la mode.

Introducing the exquisite artistry of Mio Gallery, where small paper poppies have been meticulously crafted for the dazzling world of Sephora's product shooting campaign. This exclusive collaboration brings forth a vision of elegance and sophistication, elevating the allure of Sephora's finest offerings.

The delicate charm of these handcrafted blooms adds an ethereal touch to the visuals, captivating readers with their lifelike vibrancy and impeccable detailing. Mio Gallery's small paper poppies serve as an artistic masterpiece, enhancing the beauty of each product featured.