Colorful paper poppies crafted by Mio Gallery Paper Art Studio for Sephora Press Day SS23, displayed in an enchanting garden installation at Cercle d'Aumale

Exquisite paper poppies created by Mio Gallery Paper Art Studio, featuring vibrant colors and delicate details, showcased at Sephora Press Day SS23 event.Mio Gallery's stunning paper poppies, a visual delight with their vibrant colors and intricate details, created for the Sephora Press Day SS23 event at Cercle d'Aumale.

A close-up view of a bouquet of paper poppies created by Mio Gallery Paper Art Studio for the Sephora Press Day SS23 event. The vibrant poppies feature intricate folds and colorful hues, adding an artistic touch to the occasion.

 Image Alt Text: A captivating display of oversized paper poppies by Mio Gallery Paper Art Studio, adding a burst of color and artistry to the Sephora Press Day SS23 event at Cercle d'Aumale.

Mio Gallery Paper Art Studio is a renowned artistic studio specializing in intricate paper art and design. Known for their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, Mio Gallery was recently commissioned to create a stunning installation for the Sephora Press Day SS23 event. Their task was to produce oversize paper poppies as the focal point of the event, as well as 600 smaller, real-size paper poppies to be presented as small gift bouquets for the esteemed guests.

Situated in the elegant setting of Cercle d'Aumale, a prestigious venue known for hosting high-profile events, Sephora Press Day SS23 promised to be a memorable occasion. To ensure a visually captivating experience, Mio Gallery employed their expertise in paper art to transform the venue into a whimsical garden of vibrant poppies.

The centerpiece of the installation was the oversize paper poppies. Each poppy was carefully cut, shaped, and colored to replicate the delicate and intricate details of real flowers. These larger-than-life poppies were placed throughout the venue, providing a breathtaking backdrop for the event and creating an immersive atmosphere.

In addition to the grand installation, Mio Gallery went above and beyond by crafting 600 small, real-size paper poppies. These exquisite creations were arranged into charming bouquets, designed to be given as gifts to the event's esteemed guests.

The collaboration between Mio Gallery Paper Art Studio and Sephora proved to be a harmonious fusion of creativity and beauty. Through their intricate paper poppy creations, Mio Gallery brought the essence of nature and artistry together, transforming the event space into a captivating wonderland. Their dedication to delivering awe-inspiring art experiences is a testament to their passion for the craft and their ability to breathe life into paper.

Photocredit: Sephora France