Riggs Hotels Paper Flower Installation

Paper Flowers Display for Riggs Hotel by Mio GalleryPaper flowers production for Riggs HotelOversised Paper flowers productionPaper Flowers Artwork Installation at Riggs Hotel by Mio Gallery

Riggs Washington DC sheltered in a historic building once home to Riggs National Bank, known as the “Bank of Presidents”. No wonder you’ll notice various historical echoes here, for example, guest rooms and suites, each reminiscent of a private safety deposit box, or an all-occasion European brasserie-inspired café, in the lounge of which the custom flower case installation takes centerstage.

This awe-inspiring lush display of colorful paper flowers contains an improbably top-heavy arrangement of paper hydrangea, peonies, hibiscus, iris, tulip, orange blossom, dahlia, red berries branches, calendula and rose, collected in a wayward bouquet.

Following the traditions of Dutch and Flemish painters, we have combined flowers from different countries and even different continents in one composition and at one moment of blooming. And here they are, spot-lit and radiant, a profusion of intensely colored blooms and tangled stems, assembled closely together like whimsically fabulous specimens cultivated by a supernaturally gifted grower.

On the ground floor of our multi-level composition large heads of blue hydrangea playfully competing with enormous paper peonies, which with their lush, full, rounded bloom embody romance and prosperity. Right the next door conspicuous, trumpet-shaped flowers of hibiscus settled. They are red, pale lilac and white and we’re sure you’ll need some extra time to explore their fluffy cores. On one hand, juicy red color of paper dahlia brings expressive power and strength to the bouquet, on the other hand, modest flowers of calendula pacify with its warm yellow color. Numerous paper orange blooms allow you to make a wish because they appear to be the radiant stars in our paper handmade galaxy. Red paper roses remind us the best traditions of classical genre. We suppose that our neat white cups of tulips can hardly remember the old times of “tulip mania” when they were considered priceless rarities. Extraordinary dark blue flowers of iris belligerently blossoming towards the sun cause the deep respect and spread the dizzy scent of freedom. 

Photo credit: Paolo Verzani