Handcrafted paper flowers arranged as elegant jewelry photography props.

 Paper props and delicate paper flowers enhance jewelry photoshoots.

 Elegant paper props and handcrafted paper flowers for jewelry photography

Captivating jewelry photography with paper props and paper flowersDelicate paper peonies to complement jewelry in photoshoots.Elegant paper flowers designed for enhancing jewelry photography.Charming paper floral accents for enhancing jewelry visuals.Beautifully arranged paper blooms as jewelry photography propsArtistic paper flower jewelry display for captivating photoshoots. Catalogue and new product styling created by Mio Gallery for Belgian jewelry brand NONA JEWELS.

The paper set props include various paper pieces, including paper hearts, paper roses, paper hydrangea flowers, paper rose leaves and others forest flora to compliment the silver jewels set amongst them.
Elegant paper art elements add charming touches to the whole set up.

Created by Mio Gallery