A mesmerizing window display featuring an artful composition of delicate paper flowers. The combination of large-scale blooms and intricate tiny flowers creates a captivating visual experience. The flowers seem suspended in mid-air, evoking an ethereal ambiance. A small, meticulously crafted flower made from 120g designer paper steals the spotlight. Visit Mio Gallery Studio and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of paper art.
Step into a world of paper art wonder with our window display. Delicate paper flowers, ranging from grandiose blooms to dainty blossoms, are thoughtfully arranged to create a breathtaking scene. The airy fixing effect gives the impression of flowers floating effortlessly. Amidst this artistic ensemble, a small, masterfully sculpted flower made from 120g designer paper captures attention. Experience the allure of paper art at Mio Gallery Studio.
Immerse yourself in the captivating window display showcasing exquisite paper art. An enchanting arrangement of paper flowers, blending both grand and delicate blooms, fills the scene with vibrant colors. The flowers appear weightless, delicately suspended in the air. Among them, a small, meticulously handcrafted flower crafted from 120g designer paper adds an intriguing touch. Discover the magic of paper art at Mio Gallery Studio.


"This experimental airy flower arrangement, currently showcased as a window display at Mio Gallery Studio, draws inspiration from the Dutch and Flemish painters. The objective of this artwork is to harmoniously combine large scaled blooms with the delicate charm of tiny flowers, reminiscent of the distinguished feature found in the works of Jacob de Gheyn.

Particular attention has been given to creating an airy fixing effect, creating an illusion of the flowers delicately suspended in mid-air. By doing so, this installation invites visitors to immerse themselves solely in the presence of the art object, enhancing the overall experience.

The standout feature of this work lies in the creation of a small, newly constructed flower. Crafted using 120g designer paper, this flower is meticulously shaped into a twisted curved form, showcasing the skill and artistry involved in the process. The use of our author technique, combined with a touch of magic and secret moves, adds an air of intrigue to the transformation of the paper into an exquisite floral creation.

As a window display at Mio Gallery Studio, this artwork not only captivates passersby but also offers a unique and visually stimulating experience. The combination of traditional inspiration from Dutch and Flemish painters, innovative techniques, and the artistry behind the small paper flower creates a remarkable installation that celebrates the beauty of nature and art."