Kammpi Helsinki

Enchanting Spiral of Colors: Kammpi Shopping Center's 50-meter Hanging Art InstallationNature's Delight: 5000 Laser-Cut Visterias Adorning Kammpi's Spectacular Hanging Spiral140 Hours of Artistry: Talented Team Crafts Kammpi's Mesmerizing Hanging InstallationArt Meets Architecture: Vogue's Spotlight on Kammpi's Ethereal Hanging Visterias

Discover the magical allure of Kammpi Shopping Center in the heart of Helsinki, where an awe-inspiring hanging spiral steals the spotlight. This 50-meter architectural marvel is adorned with 5000 laser-cut wisterias, showcasing an exquisite dance of colors, from soft pastels to serene blues and greens. Crafted with 140 hours of dedication by a team of five skilled artisans, this installation embodies the seamless blend of art and design.

The 20-hour installation process brought this enchanting vision to life, creating a world where creativity transcends reality. Immerse yourself in the allure of Kammpi, a testament to the transformative power of art and a beacon of elegance for all to behold.